Contipet has been a family owned and operated business since 2010.
From a humble beggining with few SKUs, in such a short period of time we transformed to Israel’s one of the leading distributors and importers with exclusivity of globally recognized superpremium pet food brands, treats and various pet care products.

As a company, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive excellent advice, the best quality products and efficient service. Our dedicated sales force assists our clients with pricing, advertising, and merchandising concepts. Many upgrades and additions in our customer service, sales, transportation, and distribution personnel have put us in an excellent position to give constant satisfaction.​

Watch Contipet's brand video:

המחסן הענק של קונטיפט - מזון כלבים, מזון חתולים, חול לארגז צרכים, קולרים ורצועות איכותייםקונטיפט - מייבאים את המותגי כלבים/חתולים הטובים בעולם בשבילכם ובשבילםעבודת צוות

Our success comes from our commitment to... 
  · Business ethics
  · Loyalty to the brands we represent
  · Providing constant availibility of products
  · Setting realistic goals and good financial planning
  · Clean warehousing
  · Quick and on time delivery
  · Love of animals
Using our experiences as the groundwork for the future, we will continue to maintain our commitment to quality, good service and variety.
Contact us:  /  +972-72-2220099